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1 day ago
Netflix will release a new Ghost in the Shell anime in 2020 https://t.co/DGyUMfeuVt
18 days ago
As Above So Below’s exhibition featuring @gastbouschetnadinehilbert and @lA____lli in great company with severinezi… https://t.co/d2l6qYHe8U
26 days ago
Le MIT crée un apppareil qui "entend" les mots qu'on prononce dans notre tête https://t.co/EPU3ihiTts via @vincentabry
35 days ago
"The Origins of The Plan: Forma Urbis Romae (between 203 and 211 CE)" https://t.co/KDiMnEddJl #art
39 days ago
"Dreams Could Be Where a New Generation of Electronic Musicians Get Their Start" https://t.co/SGIPy59CY4 #jeuxvideo
39 days ago
"Dystopia Now: Office-Oriented “Blinkers” Serve as Horse Blinders for Humans" https://t.co/ApbyK9DvxT #city
39 days ago
"Internet freedom continues to decline around the world, a new report says" https://t.co/VRd1NHj7nN #digital #feedly
59 days ago
"Voyager 2 serait proche de la frontière avec l'espace interstellaire" https://t.co/rhQyl1OGiX #science #outerspace
59 days ago
"Serious" games and the role of gaming beyond entertainment https://t.co/1EHTGeqIUL