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20 days ago
Oyez Oyez ! Ai je des amis qui ont fait la biennale de Venise cette année ? Des incontournables à me conseiller ? E… https://t.co/0BaLKRztdr
82 days ago
Vacances dans les Pouilles Italiennes , des conseils ? Des incontournables ??
96 days ago
Hello les amis, help wanted !!! quelqu'un aurait un thunderbolt firewire 800 à me prêter pour demain matin ?
104 days ago
Empathy in Artificial Intelligence by @WellPlayedChild https://t.co/Ej4elVrrAl
105 days ago
Le «Manifeste cyborg», ou l’invention d’une histoire féministe https://t.co/p1M7FA61aj via @libe
113 days ago
Can A Computer ‘Own’ Something? by Erik Brown https://t.co/l9eqAD1VzS
114 days ago
“The Future Of Virtual Reality Is In Medicine” by Sigourney Humus https://t.co/ZM0kdATzp5
118 days ago
“How Virtual Reality is Changing Storytelling Forever” by Adriana Vecchioli https://t.co/1BxANF0KsC
118 days ago
“How technology is changing the way art is bought & sold” by Brie Hayashi https://t.co/t2ocfDAF0v
118 days ago
“Imagining New Institutions for the Internet Age” by @eliotpeper https://t.co/wUdHlM4Bnm