[lA] | AYAHUASCA (Kosmik Journey) by Jan Kounen / VR Installation by Laura Mannelli
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AYAHUASCA (Kosmik Journey) by Jan Kounen / VR Installation by Laura Mannelli

Ayahuasca is an 18 min virtual reality voyage, world premiering now at the Tribeca film festival.


We all live in a society and a time where everything is fast moving and we do not take the time to focus on ourselves, be present with our emotions, or our own true self.


AYAHUASCA offers a mindful parenthesis.


It seemed essential to us as producers and to filmmaker Jan Kounen to take advantage of the possibilities of virtual reality not to transport you this time in space or under the sea, but in another place almost as difficult to reach, your soul, your very own « you »


You will evolve in a way similar to the actual ceremony. The Shaman will advise to maintain a position of neutrality to better welcome the visions. Motion sensors in the headset will allow the program to keep track of your movement, remain calm to have the best experience.


Ayahuasca contains immersive visions of snakes/spiders/scorpions, it is not advised for sensitive public.


Installation Interactive, Installation Sonore, scénographie

Immersive Experience, Jan Kounen, Micro Architecture, VR Installation